Author: Michæl McFarland Campbell

Irish, living in Co. Laois with his husband Andrew and their three cats. Now learning to live on dialysis three times a week, with interests including heraldry, Scouting, reading, and music.

Contemplating the Lord’s passion

Contemplating the Lord’s passion True reverence for the Lord’s passion means fixing the eyes of our heart on Jesus crucified and recognising in him our own humanity.   The earth – our earthly nature – should tremble at the suffering of its Redeemer. The rocks – the hearts of unbelievers – should burst asunder. The dead, imprisoned in the tombs […]

Andrew McFarland Campbell 
Christianity Design

Mothering Sunday

God of compassion, whose Son Jesus Christ, the son of Mary, shared the life of a home in Nazareth, and on the cross drew the whole human family to himself;Strengthen us in our daily living that in joy and in sorrowwe may know the power of your presenceto bind together and to heal;through Jesus Christ […]

Andrew McFarland Campbell