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Veracity, non-malificence, benficence, confidentiality, and fairness: five words to live and work by

Throughout my career, I have worked hard to ensure that everything that I do is to the best of my ability and shows my professionalism. Paramount to ensuring this is learning new skills, exploring new ways of working, and revising ongoing skills and tools to complete my work. This morning, I’ve been looking at professional […]

Michæl McFarland Campbell 
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Authenticity dimension certified by Institute of Leadership & Management

I’ve been taking some time to complement my studies with Code Institute by working through the #MyLeadership platform of The Institute of Leadership & Management as part of my continuing professional development. Many of my experiences both as an adult and a young person in The Scouts and Scouting Ireland as well as working with St John Ambulance Ireland have helped to nurture my skills in these […]

Michæl McFarland Campbell