Michæl McFarland Campbell  

EU Digital Covid Certificate now on my phone

Earlier this week I received my EU Digital Covid Certificate in the post from the HSE. I wondered at the time was there a way of registering it on my phone. Fortunately there is. The Irish Covid-19 tracker app has been updated to allow users to scan their QR code on their Digital Covid Certificate and upload that to the app. So, I have done that now.

I have also put it in my iPhone Wallet by following the steps below.

For iPhones, go to the free web app on your phone’s Safari browser. 

Adrian Weckler, in The Irish Independent, 15 July 2021.

I hope that others will find this information useful. Thanks to Adrian Weckler, writing in The Irish Independent for the guidance on how to do this.

I now look forward to the opening up of indoor dining and international travel once again. Hopefully alongwith my other ID, this will help us all in combating COVID and getting on with life.

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