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Blogs and podcasts round-up September 2022

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One of my roles is to copy edit the ISTC’s monthly newsletter, InfoPlus. Since April, I have also been compiling the monthly blog and podcast round-up. Here’s the info for September 2022:

The CherryLeaf Podcast looks at `the value of retrospectives at the end of a documentation project, and how you can run one.’


Elizbeth O’Quinn gives a guide to strong policy writing. `Policy writing can sometimes feel unnecessary, outlining specific rules and requirements that seem intuitive.


Enter the cheetah.

When it comes to competitive advantage, few animals can match the cheetah. Faced with a prey that can run at up to 100kph, the cheetah has developed characteristics that enable it to survive by catching that prey.

John Mark Williams, CEO of The Institute of Leadership & Management shares his interpretation of agile leadership, and how we can use real-life examples from the wild to develop our own agility skills for the modern world.


Take a look in your kitchen. Go on. I guarantee you’ll find copy, and that you’ll see that copy pretty much every day.

For me, it’s the packet of tea bags which I go to every couple of hours. And it’s the bottle of laundry liquid that I pass as I walk in and out of the kitchen.

So writes Megan Douglas about the subtle power of packaging copy on the Pro Copywriters blog.

Our personal health and wellbeing, and that of our friends, family and communities, are important to all of us. However, it’s not always in our control. On The RSA blog, Ella Firebrace and Riley Thorold explain how we might look to our futures and shape, what it means to lead healthier and happier lives, through participatory practices that involve citizens and NHS staff. 


Nick Fewings asks: ‘Are organisations to blame for poor leadership and dysfunctional teams’ over on the Association for Project Management blog. 

Regularly, I hear of new leaders being promoted into a role due to their technical expertise and not their leadership capabilities. A two-week handover of their old job, followed by a two-week induction into their new leadership role, and hey presto, they’re good to go! It happened to me over 30 years ago and I still have sleepless nights thinking about the damage I did to my team, due to my ineptitude at leading them.


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