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Embracing routine: how Otto von Bearsmarck supports my autism journey and dialysis routine

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Otto von Bearsmarck, autism support bear in a green rucksack

In January 2024, I was diagnosed as autistic. This diagnosis confirmed what we had suspected for some time. Nothing has changed since then, and I am still me. But, with the diagnosis, it is easier to explain to others why I react in ways that most people do not. I still find it difficult when things are done in different ways. I like the routines. The main place that this comes out is in my dialysis clinic. Since I help with the setting of my machine that makes things a lot simpler – at least for me.

Andrew also got me an autism support bear in the same manner as Liam the dialysis support bear. The autism support bear is called Otto von Bearsmarck – and he comes to dialysis more often nowadays than Liam. He has recently taken to Instagram to post about how he supports me. You can follow him there.

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June 5th, 2024 at 1:34 pm

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